ООО Биотехнологическая компания Чжао Ли Бел

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ООО Биотехнологическая компания Чжао Ли Бел

Strong Billion Holdings Limited was established early. The business process get the direct sources from the producers, access to the China, Macau and Hong Kong Market and  sell the product to wholesale and retail market. The product become more favorable and give a better choice for the customer to buy high quality products.

Through the market and supply chain analysis, the professional sales and purchase team will choose the elegant product for marketing. It will build up the brand more effectively. The establishment of  comprehensive and sales network, the producer can get the market information more easily and have a more suitable strategy to sells the products.

Производство крахмала в Беларуси. 

конкретная информация можно узнать на сайте: www.strongbillionholdings.com 

Компания не разместила информацию об открытых вакансиях.